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Key Interventions

  • Engaging local actors into advocacy efforts to strengthen attitudinal and behavioral change at the local level including men and boys, religious leaders, and community elders
  • Sensitizing and training of religious leaders to increase support towards women rights
  • Engaging men and boys to reduce gender stereotyping and bring about changes in social attitudes towards women and girls
  • Engaging youth as agents of change including young girls and boys and building their capacity to initiate and lead social change through innovative movements
  • Strengthening local movements by fostering collaborations and networking
  • Capacity building and sensitizing media on social issues
  • Investing in young women leadership to strengthen sustainability and resilience of young feminist and women’s movements
  • Policy, awareness and lobbying to protect gender equality through Provincial and National policy and legal reforms around gender equality
  • Research and evidence-based data for better analysis and statistics of the issues
  • Institutional support to strengthen the effective performance of service providers, Human Right Institutions, and other key institutions mandated to advance gender equality and advance women’s empowerment and protection