Blue Veins is committed to build, strengthen and galvanize women’s collective power for a just and sustainable world – for all.



Social attitudes, policies and decision- making is only possible through the sustained demands and organized actions. Our scope of awareness encompasses the struggles in women’s personal lives for dignity, safety, equality and control of their bodies, as centrally as their shared organizing and leadership in public arenas. All our work is imbued with an understanding of the need to challenge and transform power relationships so that women and other socially isolated vulnerable groups can rise and flourish.


We stand to defends the rights and interests of women, but also upholds the equal value of all persons, transforming inequalities shaped by race, ethnicity, class and income, sexuality, ability, location, age and other factors. We build community actions that are responsive to human rights urgencies and opportunities for action.


Blue Veins advocacy efforts reflect the diverse dreams, passion and power of women/girls and other groups acting for change. Advocacy activities are aimed at tapping into and mobilizing the power of women’s numbers and knowledge in order to influence and hold accountable the powerful institutions that make and enforce laws, and distribute resources. we advocate for women and girls but most importantly, we want to empower women and girls to advocate for themselves.

Blue Veins Organization

Blue Veins is a rationalist women organization born out of a need for information, activism and grass root organizing towards the empowerment of women. Today Blue Veins works to empower women and improving their status which is essential to realizing the full potential of social, political and economic development.

Blue Veins believes every woman and girl should have the opportunity to shape her future by naming her hopes, aspirations and dreams. But too often, their voices are muted, suppressed, ignored. Blue Veins works to overcome the barriers silencing women and girls.

Current Projects


Prevention of Child, Early and Forced Marriages.

Unfortunately early and forced marriage is a harmful practice that constitutes a violation of the most basic and fundamental rights, yet it remains prevalent on a shocking scale throughout the KP... [Read More...]


Enhancing Gender Equity by Expanding Women’s Access to Justice and Women’s Human Rights by Strengthening District Bar Association and Setting up Facilitation Kiosk in District Court Peshawar.

Under this project, in district Peshawar Blue Veins is envisaged to improve women’s access to justice by capacitating and strengthening the role of District Bar Associations. This will be achieved by upholding women’s legal rights, encouraging pro-bono services to women litigants and facilitation of information dissemination hubs for women that seek legal assistance... [Read More...]